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Our Past & Present Clients

Since 2018 Instagram has been the most engaged-with social media platform in the world. Engagement refers to the degree to which users actually interact with content—liking, sharing, and commenting, rather than just passively looking. Recent studies have shown that brands are receiving three times more engagement on Instagram compared to Facebook and 30 times more engagement compared to Twitter... which is a BFD.

This level of engagement is the primary reason The Buffalo Creative focuses on Instagram management and consulting for local businesses. Instagram's 800+ million monthly users are young, active, and brand conscious which means they understand how brands function on the platform and they embrace them. Instagram's visual nature combined with its quick adaptation of fun features make Instagram a go-to for those aged 35 and younger, one of the most sought-after demographics. With Facebook shifting away from showcasing brand content, Instagram is now the only large social media platform where organic growth for businesses is still possible thanks to its precise algorithms that allow the right brand content to soar.

At The Buffalo Creative we work with businesses across all industries to help them understand, grow, and maintain a healthy presence on Instagram with the goal of turning followers into loyal consumers. From health, wellness, and beauty brands to food, beverage, and retail to artists, apps, and real estate - no matter what type of business you own we can help you leverage Instagram and increase your ROI.

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